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3 way

Once a long time ago I had a conference. The end.
Okay, I’m joking it didn’t end but I sure wished it did. You see three way conference is like a zombie it comes back from the dead. But hey there was one thing that I wished I left out but I didn’t. Gibberish. But I did pretty well FOR THE Third we had to. DO IT sorry I forgot to take my anger management class today. Here were a few things I liked


1. I spoke really well (except for the gibberish)
2. I showed them how I have gotten better over the year
Things I did NOT like
1. Reports were given the day before
2. It was really late
I showed them my…
Maths book
Times tables
My writing from the start of semester to the end

Week 6 review A WHOLE NEW TOPIC


Factor tree

The factor tree is the rarest tree of all, because KNOW ONE BOTHERS TO DO IT, but it really helps.


This Monday we did some singing we sang.

  • Botany Bay.
  • The wild colonial boy

Mrs Marks played guitar and so did Mr Anders.



Term 2 w 2 review lets get flying!

What did we do in


This week we did a paper plane fly off there was time aloft and distance. Joram won by miles our class was gutted. But Hamish won in time aloft by miles his plane stayed aloft for seven seconds so our class was really happy. The rest of the day we were in a good mood so it was all pretty good


This week I read the floods neighbors I give it 10/10 I highly recommend it to people who are in a mood to laugh. Warning does have some pretty gross pictures but that is part of the fun. The floods is about 70 pages long and about wizards and witch the good kind though so don’t be alarmed if you don’t like wizards and witches it’s all for good fun and besides its make believe  image


We were thinking about what it was like back in the 1780s to 1790s

I was good at this becuse I’m really good about thinking about the book and since this was a text I aced it I drew a little picture to go with it he it is I hope you like it I spent about 20 minutes on it so don’t expect J.R van goth.


I am proud of what I did and I don’t think I can do better. But it would be nice if I did.