Think positive!

imageDon’t be like grumpy cat try again if something does not work try again and again until you get it never give up. Today at school we learned about persistence we did persistence charades we had not give up and watch tv and not do our homework well at least thats what the negative people did.

Remembrance Day


Starlab Reflection

Going to starlab was ok better then normal but still I learnt a lot more than if the teacher kept on talking and talking and talking and so on here a a few facts,
1. You only ever see one side of the moon

2. Earth was hit by a asteroid called Thea and made the moon and sesons. How it made seasons is that when Thea hit it gave the Earth a 25 degree angle.


Walks for days


This is the awarded for walking 5 days in a month

Term four week four

out of my mind

this week in out of my mind we have seen a lot more characters but I can’t tell you them you have to read the book yourself.

independent reading

in independent reading I have been reading about dragons in a book that was based on how to train your dragon.

PMI of Orintearing

Earth day and night