Fun with work (I was bribed)

Boy some weird things happened today like work yes I said I did work I mean that’s got to be first. But I mainly had fun like at the concert yes we had a concert I mean I’m amazed. But we have a video and I have to talk about work let’s get this done quick. We are actually building a house not a real one. Although we all have dreams! But there’s a catch it has to be a sustainable house! It HAS to include
1. Solar panels
2. Water tanks
1. Water less toilet ( I still can’t believe that’s a thing)
2. Insulation
Now on to the concert
Here a a few pictures and a video
Now we met buddies there soooooooo cute my buddies name is Charlie!


Yesterday a guest speaker came up and spoke about sustainability my group found out about. lunch boxes! How they are good because they over rule plastic contains.

An interesting thing I found out from another group was the barrier garbage patch no pun intended.

One thing I’m going to do differently is not use so much plastic bottles!

⚠️⚠️⚠️ They are not good!

I AM oh wait we’re you there the whole time?

Yes that’s right we sang and I wasn’t bad oh yaaayer
The questions on maths online are definitely getting harder
Like if one billion is double a certain number what is half of that certain number

A long walk to water
A long walk to water is the serial story it’s about this kid who’s had to ran away from his family and is desperate for food and this girl who has came from the Nurla tribe ( the boys tribe the Dinka are always at war)

Brief post

I did good for once and I’m going to tell you about it



we show don’t tell here is an example


The boy was lazy


I pulled up the pizza and drop it splat “ugh” my legs strain as I get to the table.

(usually longer and better)



pi goes on forever


Science expo

On Wednesday the 7th of September one man decided to take on the brain! And he falied.


Well not really  I actually went pretty well I got a few guests and they all said they learned something new.

No I’m completely serious here’s what I learnt

  1. To be conferdent who cares what people say
  2. I was very good at doing an oral presentation

Here is some things I know I did bad

  1. Bad nervous I thought my prsontaion was bad

Everything turned out all right!

Term 3 week 5 review fractions



There’s a million and one uses for fractions like money we did a little thing with factions so if this is a half make a whole.

One more if this is a whole and a half.

Where doing a science investigation I’m doing how people get scared.

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