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Being brave the show


My first post in 5A


Kitchen garden term 4


If you have read my mind map you would of know what this is. But if you haven’t it’s pretty much some topic we what to explore.

image image image image image image

Mind map DONE!!!!!!!!

Since the start of the term 4 we have been doing this so enjoy

Out of my mind term 4

we were reading a new read aloud book called out of my mind.
If you want to learn more about out of my mind use this website. sharondraper

K.G term 3 (sorry for it being late!)


20151124-132517.jpg< 20151124-132545.jpg
We did this because of two reasons
1. We needed to learn more about tables, difference, measurement and data statements.
2. To find out about UV so for instance Gisbourne has higher UV then Melbourne because we are closer to the hole in the atmosphere
What we found was Melbourne is always around 3 degrees hotter then Gisborne and Gisborne has higher UV
UV is related to the weather


Big idea/ week four learning


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