17 thoughts on “Read aloud”

  1. Hi Ben
    Your had a good voice and showed the pictures well but my wishes that you continued that good strong voice.
    From Josh

  2. Ben,
    Well read you have a nice loud voice and showed the pictures to the class. ensure when your reading to the preps that you introduce the book before you begin reading.

  3. Hi Ben,

    I like how you showed the pictures and how you were clear. Next time please speak a bit louder.

    From Grace

  4. Dear Ben

    I like how you read really louder an others.
    I like how you stood and didn’t sit.

    I wish you showed the picture longer.
    From Blake

  5. Oh hi Ben I didn’t see you there
    I liked the way you read with enthusiasm
    I also liked how you read loudly so I could hear you
    BUT I didnt get to see most of the pictures

    Thanks Anonymous

  6. Dear Ben
    I liked the book but your post/ writing is a bit out of place and I think you should of crop your photo to make it less distracting.
    Good job 👍🏻

  7. Hi Ben ,
    My 2 stars are you were good at showing the pictures and you used expression. You looked quite nervous.
    Great job!
    From Molly

  8. Hi Ben,

    I liked how you were reading with expression, and how you were also reading loudly. Next time you should of practiced the book more.

    From Caitlin 🙂

  9. Hi Ben,
    My 2 stars are you are loud and used great expressions. My I wish is to show the picture to the hole class.
    Keep up th great work.
    From Lauren

  10. To Ben
    I like how you used expression and you were speaking at a good volume.
    Next time you could show the pictures for a bit longer.
    From Sophie

  11. Hey Ben,
    I have got two stars and one wish for your reading. Well I can say it was really really good I wish it good be 3 stars and no wishes but that’s how it’s gotta be. My one wish is the way you hold the book but it is easy to fix that up.
    My two stars are your expression and voice was really good and my other star is your eye contact.
    Great job
    From the greatess basketball player in the world
    Max whitefield

  12. Sup Beniss,
    Your reading was great loud with some expression but next time you could read a bit louder.
    From your mate Fintan

  13. Hey Ben,

    1 star is that you read loud and clear so that we could hear you read.

    2 star is that you showed the pictures so we could see

    My wish is that you would read a bit slower next time

    From Henry

  14. Hey Ben
    My 2 stars were how loud you read so everyone could hear and how you showed everyone the pictures but my one wish is that you need to speak louder when words ARE LIKE THIS.
    From Callum

  15. Dear Ben I liked how you read clearly and loud. Next time maybe you could show the audience the pictures a little bit longer.
    Well done Ben.
    From Asha

  16. Hi Ben
    I loved your voice because I could here you easily
    But I think you should of showed the picture longer.

    From Alby

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